Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Start of Something Small

I've re-established this blog, which I abandoned more than a year ago.
Funny thing about blogs: They change.
It was an imperceptible change, at least at first. Then, after some time and a few months' worth of posts got written, the change became more and more pronounced. I envisioned the first Freedom Sanction blog as a way to work out my thoughts on the Great Commission. It ended up being more of a personal diary space. So I spun it off and called it the Feeder Project.
I've been thinking for some months that I should re-envision what I originally intended to do with the Freedom Sanction. Hence the re-introduction of the Freedom Sanction.
My writing here will be geared again towards the main ideas behind the so-called Great Commission. This is the essence of the Mission of the church.
I'll be posting soon.